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Squat Challenge

Squats are more fun and smart

Get Squat Pose Analysis

  • Using the camera, if you squat while looking at the screen, the AI coach gives you immediate feedback.
  • You can listen to the error points in real time and correct your posture.
  • Also, AI coaches help you count when you exercise, so focus on exercise.

Doing a challenge together

  • Anyone can open a challenge room by setting the desired number and duration.
  • Open a room as an individual and team match to challenge a healthy challenge with friends and family.
  • With one squat exercise, you can increase the ranking of all the challenges you belong to.
  • Play against your friends and family and enjoy exercising more.

To learn from an analysis report

  • At the end of each squat exercise, AI analyzes the exercise posture and provides a report.
  • It tells you the squat posture accuracy and error points to pay attention to based on the important points of posture as well as the number and time.

Manage Histories

  • When you finish the set during squat, a report is provided, and the report is automatically saved in the history.
  • You can check the daily, weekly, and monthly records in the history.
  • Also, records of the completed challenge are saved, so get a quick look at the exercise journey.

Service Details

Squat Real-Time Coaching

  • Set the desired squat count and set
  • Provides squat posture learning videos
  • Real-time feedback on major squat movements using AI technology
  • Counting the number of squats for users with AI technology
  • Squat analysis reports guide you through total exercise time and posture accuracy


  • Anyone can open it
  • Individual and team challenges. Two types of challenges
  • Invite acquaintances such as friends and family to proceed within a fixed period of time
  • User's squat exercise history is reflected in the participating challenge history
  • Give the individual or team the highest score in a given period of time a first, second, and third place record

An athletic record

  • Save all squat exercise records
  • Understand weekly, monthly, and overall historical records
  • Save participated challenge history


  • Provides in-app motivational points
  • Provides points based on in-app activities


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