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Gymmate and PT at home and at the gym

Is there any weight training you want to learn? Jimmate analyzes your posture and gives you feedback. Learn various muscle exercises with your gym mate, including equipment and bare-body exercises. I'll also recommend a routine so that you can reach your goals effectively!

Real-time analysis and part-specific feedback

  • Gymmate AI informs you of error points in real time.
  • Learn the correct posture and practice posture.
  • The AI coach will help you count, so you can focus more on your workouts!

Set desired number of workouts and sets

  • Provision of exercise learning contents
  • Real-time feedback on major exercise movements using AI technology
  • Counting the user's number of exercises/seconds with AI technology
  • Guidance on total exercise time and posture accuracy through exercise analysis report

Motion Analysis and Recording

  • You can receive and save an analysis report of your exercise posture.
  • Not only the number and time of exercise, but also informs you of the accuracy of exercise posture and error points to be aware of based on important points of posture.
  • You can check all daily, weekly, and monthly exercise records.

Save all squat workout records

  • Identify records by week, month, and entire period
  • Save the challenge records you participated in

58 Strength Exercises

  • You can learn not only 58 exercises, but also stimulate muscles and other similar exercises.

Recommend your own routine

  • Recommends the optimal routine for your exercise purpose, exercise level, and physical condition.
  • Start exercising at home, at the gym, or in a place that suits your situation.
  • See which muscle areas are stimulated when you complete each exercise.

Design your own routine

  • You can collect exercises that suit you well and designate a routine for each part and day of the week.
  • Set up an optimized routine by changing the number of times and learn with AI.
  • You can share routines you want to recommend to your friends

Reach your workout goals

  • Helps you achieve your workout goals for the week.
  • Track and motivate me about my workouts this week.

Exercise learning

  • Let me know the exercise information you can learn.
  • It is classified by tag, so you can collect and check by the desired tag.

Get 1:1 PT with Gymmate right now. Through the friend invitation event, you can exercise together for free for up to 5 weeks.